Why there is a poverty in the United States

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS All written assignments must be turned in on indicated due dates. Points will be deducted for late assignments. All assignments must be typed and formatted in APA style, and include an appropriate cover page. Handwritten assignments will not be accepted. Do not use plastic covers, folders or binders for any assignment. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 100 points – 5-6 pages THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER! Begin with a QUESTION about a concept from any chapter that interests you. The research question is your blueprint for your research. Find five peer-reviewed articles that help you answer your question. Read and analyze each article. Include the complete reference citation – using APA format – for each article. Next, in a paragraph, summarize the information in each article. Explain how it answers your question. Your focus should be on the reference citations/bibliography and your five summaries. For the reflective analysis, provide a brief analysis that combines all of the information to answer your research question. It is a synthesis of your findings with NO personal opinion. The self-application section should say why you asked your question. This is the only section that contains personal information. Criteria for Annotated Bibliography Points Format Cover page /proper margins /double spaced _____ (5) 12point font/5-6 pages _____ (5) Grammar/punctuation /sentence structure _____ (5) Bibliography formatted correctly _____ (20) Content Research question identified _____ (5) Five reference citations _____ (10) Five summaries of research _____ (25) Reflective analysis _____ (15) Self – application _____ (10) TOTAL (100)