week_4_final Chapter 7&8 MGT500_Organizational_Behavior_Case_Study

MGT500_Organizational_Behavior_Case_Study_week_4_finalChapter 7&81.    What are some of Suki’s actions that indicate task behavior?

2.    Is Suki’s level of task behavior high or low? Why?

3.    Which of Suki’s actions indicated relationship behavior?

4.    Is Suki’s level of relationship behavior high or low? Why?

5.    Which leadership style was Suki using (S1, S2, S3, or S4)?

6.    Did Suki’s leadership style match what was needed in the situation? Why or why not? Chapter 8 1.    Based on information from previous exercises, what types of power does Cami have which she can utilize given her current situation?