We have now established the importance of tracking and utilizing metrics in CRM efforts. Chapter 13 in the Forever Transaction is dedicated to this topic. For this assignment, read the following Case Study Article: How 5 B2B Companies Use a CRM to Increase Revenue by 839%. (Links to an external site.) Full URL: https://www.bloominari.com/blog/case-study-how-b2b-companies-use-crm-to-increase-revenue. (Links to an external site.)In order to get a deeper understanding of how CRM data integration works in real life, please take a look at the following video by Salesforce: a Live Demo on how its’ data management platform, the Customer Success Platform, is used by one of the key B2B customers Adidas to create connected consumer experiences, drive revenue, learn new skills, innovate and shape the future.

Once you have read/watched the case studies, pick 1 of the 6 cases and answer the following in memo format:

1) Summarize the main points of the case you chose.

2) How did the organization leverage CRM data (e.g. mining, analytics, data integration, pricing strategy, subscription model, 4 C’s, etc.) to achieve their goal/desired result?

3) What was something new that you learned or that surprised you about CRM from reviewing this case?

4) Provide one way in which the information in this case connects (or is related to) the Forever Transaction concepts we have been studying.