Integrated Marketing Communications Report

This marketing communications report requires to write a report on a chosen brand (I have chosen Netflix). I have completed most of the report but need someone to write the below parts for me. This part of the report carries the most weightage, so I would need it to be written and researched well.  The cross analysis requires to compare and contrast marketing communication strategies of Netflix with a chosen competitor (Please choose amazon prime as the competitor) .  These are the  guidelines for this part: (please do not exceed 1.5 pages).  a)            A full critical comparative Tabular (CROSS ANALYSIS TABLE) analysis of your informal desk research findings BETWEEN YOUR CHOSEN BRAND AND THAT OF THE CHOSEN COMPETITOR, IN TERMS OF ‘MARKETING COMUNICATION OBJECTIVES’, COMMUNICATION MEDIA USED (ONLINE AND OFFLINE), MESSAGE STRATEGIES EMPLOYED, IMC MIX EMPLOYED (Sales promotion, Advertising, Direct marketing, Public relations and Personal selling) and other relevant IMC related observations. This is a major component of the IMC audit report and all creatives of the media that you witnessed in different media like advertisement copies, youtube adverts, social media advertisements, POP materials of the chosen brand to be compared with that of the competitor and should be put in the ‘appendix’.  Please feel free to revert in case of any questions!