How has race played a negative role and had a negative effect on the workplace

How has race played a negative role and had a negative effect on the workplace You can be creative with the topic and even further focus to your heart’s content. I’ll need a rough draft and a final draft. If you write an outline or brainstorm ill need a copy of that too. See the instructions below as well. Also, the attached file is the start of my outline that I am giving you full permission to edit and change. The paper should be set with 1-inch margins all around. 12-point font sans serif or serif, no decorative fonts. Recommended—but not mandatory—fonts include: Serif family (Times New Roman, Book Antiqua, Minion Pro), Sans Serif family (Calibri, Arial, Verdana) Double spacing lines is preferred but not required. Students are expected to use citations, including in-text citations as needed. The guidelines are: In Text At the end of the portion needing the in-text citation, the citation is in parentheses and gives enough information to find the reference in the Reference list. Reference Citation Enough information is present that the instructor can locate the citation. There is no requirement for a particular order of items, items to include, etc. If the instructor can reasonably locate the reference, it is acceptable. And Minimum of 600 words, not including the title information or References list. All quotes, unusual facts, and statistics need citations (even if you cited the same source in the previous sentence) Within your paper, use quotes, summaries, and/or paraphrased information from at least two (2) strong sources. Use the sources you analyzed in your Week 2 paper. If you want to use other sources instead of the ones from Week 2, you are welcome to do so. Wikipedia,, and other crowd-sourced websites are not acceptable for academic papers, including this one. Use ProQuest or EBSCO in the Library in SHARC for academic resources.