FIRST Kansas Colored Infantry, the battles at Honey Springs and US Senator James Lane

History 221 – African American History Before 1877 Historical discussion on African American Soldiers during the Civil War First watch this video: Global News’ Black History Month: The meaning behind Juneteenth Writing interactive assignment #2: Pick one historical figure or group listed below- each of these people or groups are connected to African American Military History from 1860 to1865. Tell the class the history of this person(s) or units as it relates to African American Military History and remember to cite where you found your information. Also read two of your peers Soldier discussions and comment on the units or people they chose in comparison to the ones you wrote about. you must label your forum heading with the key figure’s name. ***You can label your heading prior to writing your forum response…so you can claim the person or regiment before someone else does. Example of Forum heading title: 3. USCT 5th Regiment at the Battle of Saltville in 1864 Pick one from the list below of African American Military regiments or figures. FIRST Kansas Colored Infantry, the battles at Honey Springs and US Senator James Lane (one I chose) The interactive assignment forum will have you investigate the participation of African Americans in the CIVIL WAR. The forum will ask you to highlight all the battles or events the one topic you chose from the list participated in the war. You may use the internet to research sources to help you in your forum. For online sources, you must ask addition questions. What is the domain (.edu?)? Who publishes the site, or sponsors it? Is it recent (has it been updated)? Are there advertisements or signs that it is a poorly designed website with all kinds of distractions? Is the site supposed to be an academic one? Or is it someone’s pet project? Remember that this is a formal essay and you need an introduction, body, and conclusion.