Christmas Holiday Best exotic cat breeds

Best exotic cat breeds

Purebred cats vary with size, colors, and shapes. Most exotic cat breeds are not so common to find, and hence every pet lover should carefully research before deciding on the type of kitty to keep in our homes. Before domesticating your favorite cat, one should choose the best cat breed for kids, best-relaxed cat breed, hypoallergenic cat breeds for those with allergies, and best cat breed for companionship and emotional support.

Top 10 Coolest best exotic cat breeds to own.

1. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau is among the best exotic cat breed believed to be the oldest cat breeds ever in the world. This breed is believed to be and graceful, intelligent, and incredibly most expensive pets. Egyptian Mau is closely associated with felines, who kept the pharaohs company during the time of Ancient Egypt.

When it comes to color factor, it’s always great to know that your cat possesses ancestral traits making Egyptian Mau very exotic breeds that are commonly known to many with ancient roots.

2. Somali

Somali cat breeds are also the best exotic cat breeds that can win beauty pageants. They are magnificent cats that have a regal air to them closely and look like a feline and fox breed mix. With a ‘Fox Cats’ nickname, these cats are known to have a naughty behavior and like playing a lot. Some of them are even known for their playing tricks on their owners.

3. Japanese Bobtail

Just like the Egyptian Mau, these types of exotic cat breeds are also very ancients. Japanese Bobtails breed existed in Japan for centuries. Their name comes from their short tail nature and stubby bobs close to the tail of a rabbit. This shortness of their tail makes them look like they have pom-poms attached to the butts.

Japanese Bobtails are the best-relaxed cat breed that is very friendly and love attention from strangers. This cat breed remains to be the most exotic for kids who like playing with cats as it gives the best companionship and emotional support to the caretaker.

4. Bengal

Bengals are exotic cat breeds that resemble a tiger and typically have a significant characteristic matching their head-turning appearance. Bengal gets their unusual tiger patterns from Asian Jungle Cat that one of the ancestors used in making the breed. However, this rare and exotic cat breed is purely domesticated.

5. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is an exotic cat breed that is unique from the rest. It remains the only cat in the world to be short-haired and has curly fur making it an attention grabber exotic cat breed that is also very playful and curious.

For people with allergies, Cornish Rex remains to be the best exotic cat choice. It is the best hypoallergenic cat breeds that any pet lover can keep in their homes as it doesn’t shed and produces very little dander making it allergy-friendly

6. Havana Brown

Havana Brown is the most exotic and unusual cat breed due to its color. It is the only cat breed that is purely brown in color; a chocolate coloring that is very rare to find. Moreover, the cat has a brown nose with no pink color visible even in their paw prints.

On traits, they are amiable cats to keep. Havana Brown is the best gentle cat breed that you will ever have. When it comes to emotion support and affection, the breed also remains to be the best cat breed that anyone can adopt and look after their wellbeing with love.

7. Chausie

Chausie is not the best pet for beginners. Legitimately developed between a real wild cat and a domestic cat, they are little lions in appearance and weigh between 35 to 40 pounds. In size, they are more significant than a domestic cat, and when it comes to taming, they are challenging, especially if they regress into a feral state.

8. Toyger

They are exotic cat breed with little tiger look just like their names suggests. Toyger is mostly the favorite choice of cat breed among people who like pets that resembles wild animals. Though not yet recognized by the cat breed association as legit, It remains to be among the best breeds of cats.

9. Manx

Most people can easily identify Manx quickly from the other most exotic cat breeds. This is because the breed doesn’t have any tail at all, leaving the short stubby tail a Japanese Bobtails have. Manx is mostly referred to as ‘Stubbins’ or ‘Rumpies’ by people due to their lack of a tail.

This type of best exotic cat breeds also has longer legs in the back than in the front, making them look like they hop while walking. The type of cat is known to be very playful, gentle, and quite picky on the person to interact. So, if you became the Manx favorites, consider yourself lucky and take that opportunity to create a strong bond with your buddy.

10. Savannah

Savannah is the most exotic cat breeds from the best cat cross breeds. It resembles a wild cat and is a cross-breed of a serval jungle cat and a domestic cat. These cats have two groups, depending on how far they are from a pure serval or jungle cat. F1 Savannah is 50% domestic cats and 50% jungle cats, while F2 Savannah is 25% wild cats and 75% domestic and so on.

The breed is known to grow very large and is usually very energetic. The cats walk on a leash just like dogs and like to play fetch. If you are looking for a dog like a cat, Savannah cat has a dog personality and will be the best exotic cat breed to keep.

Know that you know, you can find the best cat breed of your choice. Avoid making your cat upset as most of the cats usually get very aggressive. Find yourself a calm and relaxed cat breed that will not be of any danger to your kids and loved ones. Get an exotic cat breed that will play with your kids and give good companionship and the best cat breed for emotional support when you feel lonely.